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Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses

Good vision is a gift we would all like to preserve. One way to do this outdoors is by wearing polarized glasses. They can help eliminate harmful glare off the surface of the water or other reflective surfaces. Fratto Optometry is your Fairfield optometrist, specializing in family eye care, and open on weekends. We recommend the use of polarized glasses when you participate in activities outdoors, especially water activities, such as fishing, surfing, skiing, or those summer days at the beach or a pool.

How Do Polarized Glasses Work?

The sun emits Ultra Violet rays of two types, UVA and UVB rays. While most of these rays originally enter the atmosphere from space, they are also reflected off our surrounding surfaces. Some substances, such as snow and water, reflect more than others and create glare. Long-term exposure to this glare can be harmful to your vision. Polarized glasses filter the light by only permitting light waves that enter from a vertical angle to be seen. This reduces reflection, glare, and strain on the eyes.

Additional Facts

These glasses can be beneficial for anybody who spends significant time outdoors. They also reduce glare and strain when driving at night and improve vision clarity. Sunglasses should be tinted for UVA and UVB protection as well as polarized. Different lens tints, such as yellow, gray, or red, are commonly available. These types of glasses are also obtainable with prescription lenses. Your optometrist can help you decide if polarized glasses are suitable for you.

Fratto Optometry: Your Fairfield Family Optometrist

Polarized glasses are only one way to protect your vision. Digital strain should also be avoided, in the computer age, with frequent breaks and proper placement of any incoming light to reduce glare. Any activity with possible danger to the eyes requires proper protective eyewear. Finally, have your vision checked annually, or whenever you detect any type of vision change or problem.

Now that it is the new year, it’s the perfect time to stop by to take advantage of a flexible spending account for your vision care. Fratto Optometry, your Fairfield optometrist, provides family eye care and is open weekends for your convenience. We're here to help you protect your vision. Call Fratto Optometry today at (707) 423-9390 to schedule your appointment.


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