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Children's Eye Exams

From the time they're six months old, your children will need their eyes examined to make sure that everything is healthy and progressing properly. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier it is to treat in most cases, and the less impairment it causes to your child. For parents looking to schedule a children's eye exam in Fairfield, CA, Fratto Optometry has the knowledge and expertise to keep your children's vision clear and crisp.

Why Are Children's Eye Exams So Important?

Children are not great at communicating difficulties they might be experiencing. In regards to the way a child processes sensory information, they often don't realize something is wrong. For many children, the only way that parents are aware there's something wrong with their eyes is they catch their child squinting or holding their head at an odd angle.

Regular eye exams from six months forward give the optometrist a baseline to work with. As your child ages, your child can compare his or her current vision to the baseline to determine if anything has changed in a profoundly negative way, and then we can suggest a course of treatment.

What Are Some Signs My Child Needs an Eye Exam?

Children who have poor or hindered eyesight often do badly in school because they cannot see the chalkboard. This causes them to get less engaged and their grades suffer. If your child is having difficulty in school, this can be a major indication of vision problems, especially at a younger age.

Also, if your child holds a tablet or book very close to his or her face, or sits right in front of the television, these can be signs as well. Persistent headaches while reading or watching something are common in children with vision problems.

Identify Vision Problems as Early as Possible

Staying on top of your child's vision health is critical to making sure your child can see and interact with the world. Scheduling regular eye exams will help you get the corrective lenses or treatment necessary to keep your child's vision clear. Fratto Optometry in Fairfield is accepting new patients, so contact us today at (707) 423-9390 to get your child started on a lifetime of beautifully clear vision.


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