Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard to Fit Contacts

There are countless people who depend on contact lenses every day to help them see. Like eyeglasses, there are lots of options for contact lenses. When someone comes to Fratto Optometry in Fairfield to learn about contact lenses, we do a detailed eye exam to make sure the contacts are going to fit. Unfortunately, not all eyes are created the same, and some people might need something called hard to fit contacts. There are a few common questions that we get asked about hard to fit contact lenses.


Frequently Asked Questions at Fratto Optometry about Contacts

At Fratto Optometry, there are a few common questions that we get asked about hard to fit contacts. These include:

What Does Hard to Fit Mean?

Hard to fit means that someone is not going to be able to wear regular contact lenses to correct their vision. Hard to fit contact lenses have been tailored to meet the individual shape of a person's eyes.

Why Are Eyes Hard to Fit?

There are a number of reasons why eyes might be classified as hard to fit. Some people might have dry eyes that make wear contact uncomfortable or eyes that make it hard for regular contacts to stay in place easily. Other people might have eyes that have been curved slightly differently and regular contacts are not going to fit well or conditions like keratoconus that require specialized lenses to protect the cornea.

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam?

In order for us to tell whether or not someone needs hard to fit contacts, we need to first do a contact lens exam. During this exam, use precise tools to measure the degree of curvature of each eye. This will let us know whether or not someone is need to have specialized contact lenses.

If someone needs hard to fit contacts, it is important to rely on a trained eye doctor for all of these needs.

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